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Utilities Services

The Utilities Section procures utility services on behalf of the Navajo Nation government offices.


This section also process invoice payment for all utilities services.

The staff also maintains inventory all on accounts, tracks utility usage, and promotes conservation.

Save Money, Save Energy

Utilities Services Information

Electric & Security Lighting

Providing reliable, affordable electricity is essential to the economic well-being and quality of life for all of the Navajo Nation governmental buildings. Security lights are available to customers.

Natural Gas & Propane

NNTU is proud to provide safe dependable gas and propane service to the Navajo Nation Governmental buildings. ​

What do you smell gas or propane in your building?

  • Leave immediately and tell others to leave too.

  • From a safe distance call your utility provider or notify us.

  • Never try to repair a gas leak yourself! do not turn any lights on or off, smoke or use any phones or any equipment that could cause sparks.

Water & Waste Water


Majority of the Navajo Nation governmental buildings Water and Waste water is supplied by NTUA throughout the Navajo Nation 5 agencies (Chinle Agency, Crownpoint/Eastern Agency, Fort Defiance Agency, Shiprock Agency and Tuba City/Western Agency)


Other Services

Other Services: Waste Management, Elevator, HVAC, and Landscaping

When you request for other services and after completing your Utilities Service Request Form it will be approved by NNTU Program Manager. Your request is determined by funds availability.

Waste Management

  • NNTU manages waste management to provide dumpster/bin rentals, waste removal, and trash collection.

  • Elevator

  • NNTU provides elevator maintenance to existing elevators

  • HVAC​

  • Repair and maintenance

  • Landscaping

  • By completing Commercial landscape design, installation and maintenance.

  • All above is subject to availability of funds.

Other Information

Know what’s below.  Call before you dig – Underground electric, natural gas, water and wastewater utility lines.

  • Some of the utility lines are underground and out of sight.  These lines are very dangerous if exposed or damaged. Because safely is our number one concern, we encourage everyone to exercise extreme caution when digging around and please contact your area utility provider.  Call NNTU at (928) 871-7834 if you have any questions.

Navajo Nation customers may qualify for no-fee Post Office box if you your physical address or business location meets all of the following criteria:

  • Customers are assigned the smallest available box (Size 1) that will reasonable accommodate their daily mail volume.

  • The physical address or business location is within the boundaries administered by a Post Office.

  • Go to or call your local Post Office for more information on no-fee Post Office Box.

Our responsibilities include conducting energy audits or the Navajo Nation governmental buildings to determine the energy consumption of a building or facility. An energy audit is conducted to seek opportunities to reduce the amount of energy usage and cost while maintaining or improving human comfort, health and safety. For additional conservation tips, go to or energy & water conservation websites.

NNTU is responsible for promoting energy and water conservation to Navajo Nation employees through Energy & Water Awareness activities and public education materials. The month of October has been designated as "Energy & Water Conservation Month" on the Navajo Nation. Employees are encouraged to:

​          a. Turn off all unnecessary lighting

          b. Turn off office equipment when not in use and at end of day

          c. Dress for the season for productivity, health and comfort

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