After Hours Repair Numbers 


Voice Line:   800-921-8104
DSL:            800-239-4430
Ethernet, PRI or DCS:  888-637-9620
MIPT:          800-716-2425

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Employee Discount for CellularOne Services

Employee Discount for Verizon Wireless Services

To obtain free conference call for your office.

Energy & Water Conservation

We use energy and water everyday but don't always conserve like we should.

How to Dial 911

How to dial 911 using Navajo Nation landlines.

Dial 9+9+1+1 for Police, Fire, and EMS in case of an


Wireless: Dial 9+1+1 

Close to Home-It Can Wait-AT&T

"Don't Ignore" Call 811

Know what's below CALL before you dig


NNTU Provides access to essential telecommunication and utilities services for the Navajo Nation government offices


  • IP Telephony Implementation

  • Radio Frequency Network

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Main Office bldg #2528

Phone: 928-871-7740

Fax:     928-871-7741

Contact Information:
PO Box 2928
Morgan Blvd. Bldg. #2528/7447
Window Rock, Arizona 86515
Radio Shop bldg #7447

Phone:   928-871-7743

Fax:       928-871-7742

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Navajo DIT

NNDIT maintains the Navajo Nation network in the Window Rock headquarters. NNTU's will use the network to provide the MIPT service. Along with this, NNTU has provided assistance to NNDIT through infrastructure upgrades to the Wide Area Network (WAN) and Wireless Network in Window Rock.

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