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Employee Discount for CellularOne Services

As part of the Master Contract with Business Solutions/CellularOne, Navajo Nation employees are eligible to receive a 15% discount on their personal CellularOne account.

  1. The personal account has to be in the Navajo Nation Employee’s name as the account holder.

  2. All lines on the account holder’s account are eligible for the discount. Discount will be applied to the voice and text message cost only.  Data service or taxes is not eligible for the discount.

  3. Account holder needs to show proof that he/or she is employed with the Navajo Nation. Either, with valid Navajo Nation Vehicle Operator’s Permit or most recent Navajo Nation pay stub.

  4. Account holder completes the Affinity Plan Form.

  5. Account holder takes form to CellularOne store and gives it to the Customer Service Representative.

  6. Customer Service Representative verifies their ID (Navajo Nation Vehicle Operator’s Permit or Pay Stub). Once verified, the form is faxed and/or scanned to CellularOne Business Support team to apply the discount.

  7. The discount will be added by Business Support the same day, or next business day, if sent after hours or on the weekend. Account holder can call the next business day to verify that the form was received and the discount was added.

For Navajo Nation employees, the discount can be added at any time, renewal is not required.

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