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Voice Services

If Frontier Communications is your service provider and your office would like to request the following: new installations, line moves, new equipment purchase(s), voice mail services, programming of line/equipment, disconnections, or repair/maintenance of telephone lines please submit a Telephone Service Request Form.  Requests for other service providers, please submit a memorandum to our office using the Telephone Service Request Form as a guide.

To view more information on Centrex features, available telephone sets through Frontier Communications, and Managed Internet Protocol Telephony (MIPT) telephone sets, etc.

NNTU, in conjunction with departments, will be responsible for annual inventory of telecommunication service lines.  The inventory form consists of departmental and telecommunication service lines information.  Divisions/departments and programs are to ensure all information on spreadsheet is accurate and provide updated information where indicated.  Inventory form also provides a cost estimate useful during budget season.

Pursuant to the Telephone Service Policy & Procedures, employees shall keep all telecommunication equipment in good working condition, employee is responsible for any cost associated with the misuse and abuse of telephone services/equipment, and employee shall return any obsolete or irreparable telephone equipment to NNTU for proper disposal.

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