Employee Responsibility 

Divisions/Departments/Programs/Offices shall budget for telecommunication expenses as stipulated in the Navajo Nation Budget Instructions and Policies Manual.

Divisions/Departments/Programs/Offices shall include NNTU in the procurement of all telecommunication equipment and services.

Employee Responsibility

Telecommunication equipment is for Navajo Nation business only.
Telecommunication equipment shall be kept in good working condition.
All costs associated with the misuse and abuse of equipment is the responsibility of the employee.
Obsolete and irreparable equipment shall be returned to NNTU for proper disposal.

No accepting collect calls.
Personal calls are discouraged.
Directory Assistance: For free service, dial 9-1-800-FREE-411.  Use of other services is costly and prohibited.

No Third party calls.
Personal long distance calls are not allowed.
Absolutely no 900 calls and/or similar numbers.  Employee shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.
Employees shall not abuse the use of voice mail.
No accepting of any telemarketing calls.

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