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After Hours Repair Numbers 


Voice Line:   800-921-8104
DSL:            800-239-4430
Ethernet, PRI or DCS:  888-637-9620
MIPT:          800-716-2425

Latest News

Employee Discount for CellularOne Services

Employee Discount for Verizon Wireless Services

To obtain free conference call for your office.

Energy & Water Conservation

We use energy and water everyday but don't always conserve like we should.

How to Dial 911

How to dial 911 using Navajo Nation landlines.

Dial 9+9+1+1 for Police, Fire, and EMS in case of an


Wireless: Dial 9+1+1 

Close to Home-It Can Wait-AT&T

"Don't Ignore" Call 811

Know what's below CALL before you dig


NNTU Provides access to essential telecommunication and utilities services for the Navajo Nation government offices


  • IP Telephony Implementation

  • Radio Frequency Network

NNTU Forms



For any organization to meet its goals, partnership plays a key role in success. Meet the partners of NNTU.

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