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Wireless FAQ

Q:  Who’s the Navajo Nation’s wireless service provider?

A:  The Navajo Nation does business with Business Solutions (CellularOne), Verizon Wireless, and AT&T.

Q:  What is the process for new cellular phone service?

A:  This process requires submittal of two items to NNTU:  1) Memorandum requesting service and designated of Point of Contact for new account, and 2) A completed copy of the Expenditure Authorized Signature form under which the costs are budgeted. Upon receipt, Trish Spencer, AMS will contact you directly on next steps.

Her contact information is: 

Q:  How do I procure a new cellphone device?

A:  Work with your designated service provider to get quote and process through 6B procurement process. All devices are delivered to Property Management, Ft Defiance and picked by NNTU for assignment to departmental users. 


Q:  Who takes care of our wireless phone invoices?

A:  Invoices are now mailed to Department’s billing address. They are responsible for processing monthly payments and ensuring there is funds available in their budget for these costs. 

Q:  Does my phone need to be tagged at Property Management?

A:  Wireless phones purchased with Navajo Nation funds are property of the Navajo Nation. Property Managment signs off on purchase requisition when procuring equipment but does not tag equipment.


Q:  Do I need insurance on the wireless phones?

A:  Yes, insurance is required on all wireless phones.

Q:  Who’s authorized to have a wireless phone?

A:  It is up to the discretion of the Division Director/Department Manager/Program Manager on who is allowed to have wireless phones.


Q:  When can I upgrade my wireless phone?

A:   Business Solutions upgrade are every 24 months. Verizon Wireless upgrades are every 10 months.

Q:  What services or features are allowable on wireless phones?

A:  Any Service or features required in order to perform Navajo Nation Business is allowable.


Q:  Lost my phone, what do I do?

A:  You must report to your wireless service provider of any lost or stolen phones to deactivate them from being used.  You will also need to file a police report and notify Navajo Nation Telecommunication & Utilities and your department/program manager.  You will also need to call and see if your phone will be replaceable through insurance.


Q:  What does insurance cover?

A:  Insurance coverage differs for Business Solutions and Verizon Wireless. Please contact applicable account manager.

Q:  Can I port my wireless number to another wireless provider?

A:  You may port your number to another provider as long as you have completed your service agreement with your current provider or pay the early termination fee.  You must notify Navajo Nation Telecommunication & Utilities of porting your number and change in wireless service provider.


Q:  Can I download apps, ring tones, pictures, or movies?

A:  You are ABSOLUTELY not allowed to download any ring tones, non-business related, apps, or movies to your wireless phone!  It is a misuse of Navajo Nation funds, and will result in disciplinary action!

Q:  Where do I report harassing call?

A:  You will need to notify your wireless service provider and your local police department.

Q:  Who do I submit a request to for a wireless phone?

A:  See "Wireless Flow Process" on Wireless Web Page Click Here

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