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Telecommunication FAQ

What is the Business Unit Number?

  • Business Unit Number is your account number to charge for any type of services being requested.  For example: 118007,  KXXXXXX, or NXXXXXX.

What is the Company Code?

  •  Company Code is a four digit numeric code associated with your Business Unit Number.

How do I find the Company Code?

  •  If you have access to the Financial Management Information System(FMIS), under the FMIS Inquiry Menu.  Click on “Work with Contract & Grants” menu and click on “Contract or Grant Master” menu.  This screen will populate and move your cursor in the “Job Number” field and type in your Business Unit Number.  Then press “Find” in the menu bar and it will populate with the Business Unit Number entered.  The Company Code should be displayed in the “Co” field.  For example, all General Fund Business Unit Number beginning with “1XXXXX”; the Company Code is “0010”.

Who do you call for repairs?

  • Frontier telephone repair – Complete Telephone Service or Data Circuit form and email to:

  • All other repairs please see Service Provider Listing; toll free numbers are listed.

What is Centrex?

  • A business communications system that provides direct dialing capability and advanced calling features that provides switching at the central office instead of at the customer’s premises.

What is MIPT?

  • Managed Internet Protocol Telephony is Voice over Internet Protocol; only managed by Service Provider.  The transmission techniques involved in the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the internet.

What is difference between Centrex single and business?

  • Single line is a telecommunication line, 2 or 4 conductors, which are compatible with single line telephone sets.  For example: M8009, M9316, and the polycom telephone sets.

  • Business line is a telecommunication line, 6 conductors, which are compatible with business line telephone sets and involve programming at the telephone service provider’s end.  For example: M5316 business telephone set.

How to obtain free conference call feature?

  • Log into website: to obtain free conference calling feature.  Upon activation, if you are under a Navajo Nation government office there is no cost as NNTU – Telecommunication fixed cost account pays for long distance charges.  For Non-Navajo Nation government offices there will be cost incurred on their end.

What is FCC?

  • FCC is the Federal Communications Commission.  This is an independent agency of the United States government that regulates and oversees broadband, competition, the spectrum, the media, public safety and homeland security.

How to add/change features?

  • To add or change features on telephone number, customer will need to complete the Telephone Service Request form available in the Forms Section of the NNTU website.

What is a Key System?

  • A key system or key telephone system is a multi-line telephone system typically used in small office environments and is not centrally connected to a PBX/Centrex.  Each telephone can have buttons for outside lines that can be dialed directly without having to dial “9”.

What is a B-1 line?

  • B-1 line is Non Centrex business lines or a regular land line.  This type of line is used for fire alarm, security alarm, and/or an elevator line.

What is a PBX line?

  • PBX line is a private telephone switch that provides switching for an office or campus.  PBXs often use proprietary digital line protocols, although some are analog based.

Why can’t I dial a New Mexico telephone number?

  •  Your telephone number/line has a restriction to either call locally or Arizona only.

What are dialing restrictions?

  •  Dialing restrictions are different dialing options available for telephone lines.  Dialing options available vary with telephone service providers.  For example: a customer may only dial locally and he or she can be restricted to making long distance calls.

How do I reset voicemail services?

  • To reset voicemail services, please complete the Telephone Service Request Form and submit to NNTU to review and process order to appropriate telephone service provider.

What is my pin code to my voicemail box?

  •  The default pin code to every voicemail box, before initial setup of voicemail, is the last four digits of the assigned telephone number.  If pin code is lost or former employee didn’t leave pin code, then a reset of voicemail is needed to access voicemail box.  A Telephone Service Request form will need to be submitted to NNTU to reset voicemail box.

Who do I address the memorandum to?

  • Memorandum can be addressed to Tonieka Tsosie, Account Maintenance Specialist or Marlene Gorman, Accounts Maintenance Specialist . Telephone Service Request and Data Service Request forms are also available on NNTU website under Telecommunication.

How can I submit my request?

  •  Customer’s request can be submitted via the following options:

             Fax to 928-871-7741 or Email to:           


What additional information is needed for a telephone/data service request form?

  • Additional information for a Telephone Service Request form:

               1) For adding/moving telephone lines, a floor plan required indicating telephone numbers.

               2) For adding/changing programming of business telephone set, a key sheet is required.

  • Additional information for a Data Service Request form:

                1) For DSL services through Frontier is the Frontier DSL application with floor plan

                2) For cable wiring is a floor plan (depicting location)

                3) For Metro Ethernet through Frontier is Frontier’s Data Service form

What is the turnaround time for technician to be on-site?

  • Turnaround time for technician to be on-site for trouble tickets is 24 hours, unless an emergency arises.  Turnaround time for technician to be on-site for installation orders will be on the installation date given, unless an emergency arises. 

What time will the technician be on-site?

  • There is no specific time given when a technician is dispatched on trouble tickets or orders, because each repair/order completion varies on each request. 

What is a floor plan?

  •  A floor plan is a simple hand drawn picture of the office building or office space that pertains to a request for adding or moving telephone/data lines.

Why do I need a floor plan?

  • A floor plan is needed for NNTU documentation and mostly for the technician use when on location to complete order(s). 

Will a technician do additional work not on their work order?

  • Technician will not do additional work not specified on the work order, as this is an additional cost to the customer.  Telephone/Data Service Request will need to be submitted to NNTU to review and verify funds availability.

What dialing options are available?

  • Dialing options vary, depending on the Service Provider in your area.  For Frontier Communications the available dialing options are: Station-to-station, local, Arizona only, Four States (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah), Western States, and 48 States.  Other Service Providers have basic local and national dialing.

What is a base cord?

  •  A base cord is a piece of telephone equipment that connects from the telephone set to the telephone jack. 

What is a receiver cord?

  • A receiver cord is a piece of telephone equipment that connects from the telephone set to the receiver.

What is a power box?

  • A power box, also known as a power adapter, is a piece of telephone equipment that connects the telephone set to the power outlet to fully operate the functions on the telephone set.  This equipment is primarily used for telephone sets that have the display available, for example the M9316 or M5316 sets.

What Centrex features are available?

  • Please view the list of features on NNTU website.

How do I fill out the Telephone Service Request & Data Service Request forms?

  • Customer has to complete the Departmental Information Section (Top) on each form requested.  Then the customer will check off what type of service and go to that particular section for additional information that is being requested.  For example, new installation; customer will check off the box next to the “New Installation(s)” and go to the section “For New Installation(s)” section to complete the additional information.

What is Internet?

  • The internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (often called TCP/IP, although not all applications use TCP) to serve billions of users worldwide.

What is Metro Ethernet?

  • Metro Ethernet is a metropolitan area network that is based on Ethernet standards.  It is commonly used to connect subscribers to a larger service network or the Internet or larger bandwidth. 

What is a bandwidth?

  • A bandwidth is a measure of the width of a range of frequencies or a rate of data transfer.

What bandwidths are available?

  • Bandwidths vary depending on Service Provider.  Frontier Communications have a minimum bandwidth of 3 megs and up.

What is DSL?

  • DSL , Digital Subscriber Line, is a family of technologies that provide internet access by transmitting digital data over the wires of a local telephone network.

Is there DSL in my area?

  • Please contact NNTU to determine if there is DSL in your area.  This will also depend on the Service Provider servicing your area.

What is an IP address?

  • An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a network that uses the IP for communication.

What is dynamic IP (DSL)?

  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address is different very time a customer logs on into the internet.

What is static IP (DSL)?

  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address is permanently configured to the hardware or software of the computer.

What is a T-1?

  •  T-1 is a type of copper or fiber optic data circuit that can carry more data.  The T-1 bandwidth is 1.544Mbits/sec.

What is Metro Ethernet with Internet?

  • Metro Ethernet with Internet is used to connect subscribers to a larger service network with the Internet services.

Who is my service provider?

  •  Your service provider is the telephone company that services your area.

Can I order phone from another vendor?

  • Yes, customer will need to ensure the phone equipment being purchased is compatible with their telephone services.

Can I submit order(s) on Interdepartmental Charge Requisition (ICR)?

  • NNTU no longer buys telephone equipment in bulk orders; therefore NNTU does not accept ICRs.  Customer will submit Telephone Service Request form to purchase telephone equipment; which is ordered through Frontier Communications.  Price listing of available telephone equipment can be viewed on our website.

How do I transfer?

  • Transferring an individual will vary depending on the telephone equipment in place.

        - Link button: User will press “Link” button, enter the last four digits of the telephone number to be transferred to, then press “Link” button                              

again  to connect parties together, and place receiver back on telephone set.
        - Transfer button: User will press the “transfer” button, enter the last four digits of the telephone number to be transferred to, then press “transfer” button again to connect parties together, and place receiver back on telephone set.

Why can’t I pick up another line within my office?

  • Your telephone number needs to be programmed to pick up other telephone numbers within your office.  This is known as the call pick up group.  This will require the customer to place an order utilizing the Telephone Service Request form and list all the telephone numbers you want to pick up when the telephone is/are ringing.

What do I do with obsolete telephone set(s)?

  • Customer can bring the obsolete telephone set(s) to our office.  NNTU will properly dispose of the telephone set(s).

Where is the model number on the telephone set?

  • The model number on the telephone set is usually under the telephone set.  For example: 9316CW, M5316, M5216, M8009.

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