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ERate Fiber Optics Buildout to Chapter Branch Libraries and Head Start Centers

•The Navajo Tribal Consortium comprising the Office of Navajo Library Services and Head Start Department under the Department of Dine Education was established in 2020.

     -In January 2020, the Consortium applied for Schools & Libraries funding under the federal agency, USAC (Universal Service Administrative   


     -Funding can be used for fiber optics communication lines build out for schools and libraries

     -Funding can also be used for internet service for schools and libraries

     -In April 2021, we received notification that Navajo Nation as awarded $50 million to construct fiber optics communication lines to 83 chapter libraries

      sites and 53 Head Start centers.

Navajo Nation Year 2020 Fiber Optics E-Rate Project

      -Awarded contracts to NTUAW, Sacred Wind and Oso Internet Solutions

      -$50,000,000+ Total Cost for Ground & Aerial Fiber Installation funded by USAC, State of AZ, State of NM, and Navajo Nation

      -600+ miles of fiber optic cable/Majority 2 Year Build-out

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