Wireless Service Shop

Our office is expanding with construction of our new Wireless Service Shop for repair and maintenance service for two way radio communication equipment. Currently, our Radio Technician performs service outside when work is required on tribal vehicle units.


To date:

  • The metal building shell was purchased from Metal Depots, Farmington, NM

  • Low Mountain Builders was contracted to prepare the foundation for the building and construct the metal building.

  • The final construction phase is slated to begin shortly with the construction of first and second floor shop space.  Indian Affiliates, Inc. has been contracted to complete this final phase.


The new Wireless Service Shop will be home to two NNTU staff, our Radio Technician and Accounts Maintenance Specialist.  All activities related to two-way radio communication service, procurement and repair & maintenance will be handled in this new shop.  This will include all wireless phone service, procurement and payment approval too.


Once construction is completed, we will have a “Grand Opening” celebration (May 5, 2014).

Main Office bldg #2528

Phone: 928-871-7740

Fax:     928-871-7741

Contact Information:
PO Box 2928
Morgan Blvd. Bldg. #2528/7447
Window Rock, Arizona 86515
Radio Shop bldg #7447

Phone:   928-871-7743

Fax:       928-871-7742

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