~Mission Statement~

Provide quality and affordable telecommunications and utilities service for the Navajo Nation Government offices.

~Vision Statement~

"Connecting & Energizing the Nation!"

The Navajo Nation Telecommunication & Utilities (NNTU) department under the Division of General Services provides access to essential telecommunication and utilities service for the Navajo Nation government.  NNTU communicates directly with Navajo Nation government offices and service providers to procure telecommunication and utilities services. Our goal is to fulfill our customers need with the best service at a reasonable cost.


NNTU reports to the Health, Education and Human Services Committee and the Budget & Finance Committee of the Navajo Nation Council.

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Main Office bldg #2528

Phone: 928-871-7740

Fax:     928-871-7741

Contact Information:
PO Box 2928
Morgan Blvd. Bldg. #2528/7447
Window Rock, Arizona 86515
Radio Shop bldg #7447

Phone:   928-871-7743

Fax:       928-871-7742

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